Having a total recall on the past

For example, he needed time and upfront investment to hire the right dentists. 1,000 dentists were carefully picked from a pool of 40,000 applications. 800 of these dentists are currently on Star’s payrolls. Star also developed their systems to align their incentives with meeting clinical protocols rather than revenue generation. Is it possible to reduce … Read more

PCOS—Diabetes’ little sister is growing up fast

Always a skinny girl, Swati (name changed), a 25-year-old biochemist, started putting on weight in her early twenties. Chalking it down to a slowing metabolism, she didn’t think much of it. Until she missed her period. And missed it again in the following months. After visiting her gynecologist and undergoing an ultrasound exam, Swati was … Read more

New horses in the race, may be dark horses?

People close to Kumar say he’s unapologetic about the maze of companies he creates and keeps. All intellectual property resides in one entity in Singapore; equity resides in another, and so on. To couch it mildly, his entry and exit entities are concurrent. The moment he gets into a business, his exit outfit is ready. … Read more

Comfort and cost, but not the environment

Shashwat Diesh overheard his sister complaining about rashes from pads. He couldn’t understand why women with her income didn’t have access to better products. He along with Aqib Mohammed (both co-founders of Azah) conducted a survey with a sample size of 300, and over 50% had suffered period rashes. “We looked at the products in … Read more

On the Omnichannel Bandwagon

While some of Gangadi’s ventures ended in failure, his decision to go omnichannel has paid off. It was a calculated risk on MedPlus’ part—going omnichannel strictly in those states where it was legally allowed. Today, its online channel contributes between 16-17% of MedPlus’ revenue, says Mantena. MedPlus’ approach was unlike e-pharmacies, which took the risk … Read more

How to recognize the efforts made

Mind you, TMH is not driving it. To say that would be undermining the effort of many, many people. NCG is extremely democratic. Most ideas have come from member centers. For instance, guidelines for treatment is not a new idea; we have set these in the past. Typically, they are formed by getting a group … Read more

The double-edged victory over polio

AFP was first used as a surveillance tool in 1985 when the Pan American Health Organization decided to end polio in the Western Hemisphere. Polio is a difficult disease to diagnose; many other afflictions look a lot like it. So, instead of leaving it to doctors and ill-trained medical workers to spot its symptoms, a … Read more

Some different ways approached to achieve the goals

The Singhs’ Fortis, also founded in 2001, built or acquired 43 hospitals to achieve a pan-India presence. Their uncle, too, as we know, loved physically expanding the business. Inauguration of the hospitals In 2011, Max decided to add 800 beds to the existing 1,000, which meant adding three-four hospitals, said another former senior executive with … Read more